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The Gritaccess project has enabled the renovation and enhancement of our common heritage.

Chapels, churches, Genoese towers and the development of rural museums now provide the means to explore history so that it is not forgotten.


The Gritaccess project has been able to promote our illustrious characters who have marked the history of our territories. From Napoleon to Pascal Paoli, we sail on the Tyrrhenian Sea and find the paths that lead us to their respective epics.


The Gritaccess project, which is oriented towards accessibility, has sought to enhance the value of the heritage trails in our regions. This objective has been formalised by the creation of numerous itineraries in the countryside or near our rural villages. We can discover diversified landscapes, remarkable elements of our cultural wealth such as old mills, fountains and works marking our ancestral practices.

Nos itinéraires par région

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